Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh man I am on my way!

Finally! Started my mission papers last night!

To do:
get dates of various health things
take picture of me in "mission attire"
go to physician and dentist
turn them in!

Then... wait. Guh I feel like all I do is wait. Welp, the best things are worth waiting for, right?

But I guess there's lots to do while i wait, like study the scriptures a lot, memorize certain verses, read Preach my Gospel and other books. I just need to be patient, which is like saying, Hey Anne, don't love shoes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Testament of Christ

So beautiful.

When I was just watching this John 14:27 came to my mind, which was an answer to a constant prayer in my heart: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."


I had a dream last night that I met Madonna. We were trying to get into a club or concert or something, I didn't have a ticket and I saw her going in, so I said, "hey, Madonna!!" and she waved me over so I could get in. Then we sat together and became like, best friends.

So weird.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shiver me timbers!

Arrr... tomorrah be Talk Like a Pirate Day, as it be the 19th o' September. Ye best be surrenderin' the booty, else ye be visitin' Davy Jones' locker sooner than later, aye.

If I be not hearin' the correct-like speech of the buccaneer's then I best be makin' ye walk the plank. Arr.

Baby love, mah baby love

You ever get that feeling, for a split second, that you're happy? And everything really is going to be ok? I don't get it often, especially with the crazy stage of life I'm in. Not complaining, it's just kinda insane, every day, wondering where you will live in a few weeks. If you're going to get a job. Etc.

Well... holding my nephew Greggy does that for me. Totally corny but I feel like when I'm holding him that I'm closer to heaven; holding an angel. When he squeaks or breathes in funny, or decides to change position of his head, revealing the sweaty side, or when he toots and I say, "Good toot, Greggy!!" or when he looks at me cross-eyed, I love him. I am so stoked for Lily and Adam because they're stinking spoiled. Well they won't be when I'm around!! Muahahahaa. I'm a baby stealer. Stealin' babies. That's what I do. :D

Here's a picture of him if you haven't already seen it. My cousin Janelle took about a billion one day at a photo shoot she created and oh man, is he cute.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Presenting: Gregory Adam Eggleston

Earth's angel. He's the sweetest thing ever. He was born at 12:15 am on Aug 22 (we sure thought it'd be Aug 21, but he had other plans). He is 6lbs 8oz and looks around and rarely cries. He loves to eat, too- Lily says he eats about every hour. Heehee!! So silly. And such a boy.

I'm his favorite auntie. He loves me best. :)


San Fransisco Trip

OK I'm not a good blogger. I think that's pretty clear. Every few months I remember. But you will take what you can get, and you'll LIKE IT! And NO COMPLAINING!!



So I've had an interesting week. Last Tuesday Justin and I decided to go to San Francisco just for fun. (I've never been, and he hasn't been since he was little. And before any more of you ask: NO, we didn't get engaged.) So we drove up PCH and got to stay with Laura Dalton in San Jose. So fun! I loved seeing her and Kylie. Gosh that little girl is growing up! She says some words and is a stinker! So cute.
Here are some pictures from our trip up:

When driving through Malibu, the businesses there milk the city name for all it's worth.

We stopped by Solvang on the way, which is the cutest Danish town. When you go: you eat, and look. My 2 favorite things to do anywhere. :)

This is the restaurant where we ate our lunch. So nummy.

Aebelskiver!!!! Hom nom nom nom nommmm...

3 seconds later. :)

CUTE! I want one for my house.

We stopped by Hearst castle, mostly cuz it's right off PCH. We didn't pay for the tour, though, so we kinda wish we didn't go at all since we took so much time there. Oh well! We looked at the displays in the visitor's center, so we kinda feel like we went to the castle for freeeeee!

More driving:

This is about 1/3 of the way through a really windy and Ortega-esque part of PCH, around Big Sur. Really pretty when there's daylight, but when it's dark it's ANXIETY CENTER. Sheesh. So you do the math: 2/3 of the windy stuff was in the dark. Cue cold sweats and scary thoughts. Justin drove. He's my hero. :)

Anyway when we got out of that I promptly fell asleep on his arm and woke up when he asked where Laura's apartment was cuz we had arrived!! Phew!! Haha.

It was fun to see Laura! We stayed there that night and the next night. Justin got to sleep in Kylie's room (luuuuckyyyy!!!!) and I stayed with a ward friend she has in the same apartment complex where I got my own room. :)

Wed morning we drove the hour to San Francisco. First I took Justin to a Russian Orthodox Church (a surprise for him! He didn't know where we were going first) and he was stooooked. Kept smiling and got to talk to Russian people, buy Russian food and juice!! The Russian juice doesn't have any sugar added, and it's really good. It's similar to nectar you might buy here, but no added sugar. Sounds great to me!! :)Those Russians. They have a DIFFERENT WORD FOR EVERYTHING!! Heehee!

This is the first view of the church when we drove over the hill. Justin said "Hey that's a Russian church!!" Me: "yeah." Justin: "But that's cool!" Me: "Yeah that's where I'm taking you."

Justin: "!!!!!!!!!!" And big smiles.

This is the whole thing.

See the smiles?? :) The bummer thing was, it was closed so we couldn't go inside to look at it. We missed it being open by a hour or so both times we went by.

Then we drove over the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. I've done it! So fun. Cue me freaking out. :)

Unfortunately it was cloudy and cold all day, so the pictures don't look fabulous. But it was still fun, and still worth it.

We saw this guy on the other side of the bridge, where we hung out for a bit. He's covered everything in Sunday funny papers, including his glasses, the bench he sits on, and his donations container-thingy. We didn't have any money to give him, but his hat flew off in the wind and Justin went to go get it. Justin said they guy was like one of the old surfer dudes: "Thaaaanks, mannn you just made my day."

On our way back over the bridge:

oh, and you have to pay $6 to get back the other way. It's free Northbound, though. Still... guh.

Then we drove down Lombard street (the curvy part- so fun!):

Can you believe people live on this street? They must love traffic to pick there to live. So weird.

Then we went down to the piers and Fisherman's Wharf. This is us goofin' off:

MAN he is so much tanner than me. Sheesh!
We went into the Aquarium of the Bay which was cool, but unfortunately not as cool as the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. So... in case you ever wonder if you should go, don't do it if money is tight. Too bad we didn't know.

Then we got a sourdough bowl filled with clam chowder: yay!!!!

Alcatraz and birdies.

We also went into this museum where they have all the coin-operated games and things. I got to arm-wrestle the same machine that Julie Andrews did in Princess Diaries! So cool. We got some fried shrimp and chips, and teased the many, many seagulls that beg for food. Justin put a shrimp tail on the ground, right by his foot. The bully seagull that was chasing all the other ones off his turf tried the longest time to get it, but Justin would keep raising his foot a little bit, as if to kick the bird, so he'd back off. So funny! He finally got brave and snatched it, all proud of himself.

Then we went to Ghiradelli Square and looked at how they make chocolate, and smelled the nummyness. We were good and didn't buy any, but we got a sample of the peanut butter filled square and nommmmed it. SOOOO good. Sigh...... Then we booked it back to the car cuz we were exhausted. Fun day! I didn't even tell everything that we did, cuz I'm tired and adding pictures is annoying. Rawr. So this is all you get. Don't cry.

Ok but on our way home we stopped by a farmer's fruit stand and got strawberries and 6 ears of corn. We ate almost all of the strawberries (3 crates) and the corn we bbq'd at Mom and Dad's house. Thanks Dad!

OH!!! And I discovered that Justin took a couple of pictures while I was sleeping. NAUGHTY!!!! I'll get him back somehow. Oh and they're on Facebook, no less. I will soooo get him.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh and happy May Day!

Crazy Dreams

So I just thought it would be funny to record some of the dreams I can remember. Since I have no job at the moment, I have some pretty crazy sleep patterns, which means I can remember some dreams. Usually I have to fall back asleep in the morning to remember them when I wake up again.

Here are some I can remember:

  • Melissa got engaged, but wouldn't tell me to whom. I was really mad and tried to get her to tell me who it was. [fun fact: I texted her about this and she said something. But now I can't find the text which means I deleted it... maybe I'll ask her and see if she remembers. Anyway it was funny, I promise.]
  • Liz Pulido and Trey Glauser got married. [Liz said "Hahahha! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!" haha, I love Liz. :) ]
  • Pretty frequently I have bad dreams with gross toilets filled with number two and blood. Please don't try to analyze that too much. It grosses and stresses me out, those dreams.
  • Oh I had a dream about a guy I dated asking me to marry him, and I was dumb enough to tell him about it in real life. Note to self: scares guys away. As if I have control of my dreams... Ok then, moving on.
  • Oh a guy had a dream that I was killed by the German Navy, and he cried. In the dream, not real life.
  • This one was especially stressful/sad/etc: for some weird reason that made perfect sense at the time of my dream, I had to marry my dad. My mom had to separate from him and it was really sad. In the dream I said, "No, Mom, I won't go through with it. It's ok. You can stay with him" or something. Very weird. That same dream a guy I was dating broke up with me and was seeing Jessica Hawkins, who is married, and was saying to her, "Anne's just not over me". [I don't know why, but I frequently have really sad dreams. This one I woke up crying pretty intensely- Rachael came into my room and comforted me. She's awesome.]
  • I had to start a new highschool [this dream was really recent] and I had the hardest time frinding the classrooms. The building looked kinda like a church building inside, like the ways the hallways looked and stuff. Melissa also was there. [I think it probably has something to do with my applying to colleges and stuff; I'm nervous about how that will go.]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is from Melissa's facebook.

Just thought it was funny:

"One time a spider appeared on Anne's knee...she screamed so loud, and it struck immediate fear into my heart and Lily's too and we both screamed back. Then the spider disappeared and Anne spent the next ten minutes looking for it, curling her toes and moving around gingerly. 'I wish I could just see it...then I could find it and kill it.' Lily said, 'What my guess is, is that it ran under the chair and over to the bookcase, cuz that's the quietest part of the room.' And then Adam said, 'He's probably just laughing at you and watching you.' And Mom said, 'His name is Floyd.' "

Pretty much describes my life. And crazy family. :P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am an Oscar-winning actress!!!

Well, kinda. Last night our ward had a Film Festival and showcased some movies that we all had been making. The movie that I participated in, Fast Sunday, won Best Picture!! Which means that the majority of the people who watched all the films voted us as their fave. :)

Here's a link to the video. Make sure to notice the girl who drops her books (me) and the girl who rambles during Sunday School (Melissa).

Fast Sunday

Sorry, I fixed the link now. a duh...... :-P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

my super exciting news...

Remember the post on Dec 31 that says I have news but I wouldn't tell you? Well Lily is letting me tell everyone now. I think a lot of you know already, but I'm just so super excited that I have to tell the world!!

I'm going to be an Auntie again!! Lily and Adam are having a baby and they heard the heartbeat about a week ago and I'm just so excited!!! I'm going to be the baby's favorite Auntie, of course. That's not even a question.

She's due in August and that's funny since Lily and Melissa's birthdays are that month- why not add another?? Well I don't care, I'm going to love that baby so so so much. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Family is great, huh?

Tonight I went over to my parents house to watch family videos. It was really fun seeing ones I either have never seen or haven't seen in a long time. With my horrible memory, who can tell? As we laughed at our silly antics we did in getting attention from the lens, it brought me to a conclusion. These past couple of months have been fun. I feel like I've been getting to know my family in a way that wasn't possible when I lived with them. Does that make any sense? But what I've been able to feel is a great appreciation for everything they have and continue to do for me. My mom was willing (more than once, although I only took her up on it once) to come over to my apartment and hold me hostage, I mean sit with me until I worked on my resume a good amount. You see, I happen to have a very strong procrastination habit, and I was putting off my resume for far too long. Mom came over, and helped me write grammatically correct sentences and generally make it good enough to send out. Then Dad brought dinner over and we had a fun dinner over here. They really help me so much with everything I need to do and I'm very grateful for them.

They also set great examples of strong church members, good money managers, and how to basically be good people. I'm grateful that the Lord sent me to such an amazing family. I'm spoiled and for most of my life I didn't appreciate it as much as I should. I always knew they were great, because I'd hear it all the time when people would hear my last name, but I'm starting to learn just how hard they work to do things right.

My sisters are also a great strength to me. Lily, and now Adam, are hilarious and I really love when they come visit and force/beg/coerce me to come see them. They use some reason like I'm entertaining, which we all know is absolute hogwash. :P But seriously, folks- they're great and I'm glad that we have such fun together. Melissa is hilarious. She's upstaged me in every way in the Ward, but who could prevent that from happening? Her songs are funny and great (but not the one that has that word that is annoying... grr....) and she makes everyone laugh. One day, maybe, If she tries reeeeeeeaaaally hard, maybe she'll learn how to dance. Haha! That's pretty much the only thing I do better than her.

Laura and Danny are great and I wish I could see them more! I love my neices and nephew and wish I could see all of them more often. They're such good kids and make us laugh so much. Christmas Day was fun having Laura and the girls come to exchange presents before we all went to POG. We didn't get to see Danny yet- his truck broke down and he couldn't make it. :(

I feel like maybe some people will feel like I'm writing a post for "Seriously, So Blessed" but I felt the need to tell the internet world that I appreciate my family. I appreciate the fact that as we've grown up, maybe we've gotten less cute (my case, for sure), but we've become better friends and we can be each other's strong point.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lily tagged me... I guess that means I had to fill this out? Sigh... if you want, just watch the random video.

I am - usually first in line at Break the Fast.
I want - a bigger hard drive. That's what I get for having such a wide range of music.
I hear - music in my head, all the time.
I never - want to see another spider again!
I wonder - where to go to school.
I always - close the toilet lid.
I usually - drive home replaying conversations that happened that day in my head, laughing out loud at things I remember.
I search - for pictures on google all the time.
I am not - a rock climber.
I dance - all the time... is that even a question?? :)
I sing - , but not with confidence. I'm really best in a choir.
I wish - for a pony, and a barbie, and nail polish, and polly pocket and shoes and, and, and...
I dislike - feeling left out. I'm working on that.
I rarely - don't answer calls on my phone.
I cry - during sad parts in movies, sad songs, when I'm sad, ok really I cry often. But hopefully not too much... haha!
I am not always - on time. Ok, rarely.
I lose - when I play online games. All the stinking time!!!!
I fear - the dark of the night. No, not really, I just already used spiders in this thing...
I'm confused - when people spell my name wrong. It's not that hard!
I need - music. More than anything else, really.
I should - do my laundry more often.
I dream - situations and emotions. Sometimes very strong emotions that are hard to shake when I wake up. Very strange.
I have - almost 70 pairs of shoes.
I love - a heck of a lot of things- shopping, the sky, good smells, good conversations, walking, learning new things, my comfy bed, a new color a day, feeling understood, cats, and soft fabrics. To name a few.
I tag - um... Janelle, Christa, and Ruth.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peppermint ice cream

Is so good.

And I thought it was gone from all the stores, but I found some at an Albertson's while buying butter.


Monday, January 5, 2009


You know, I just want to say that I'm tired sometimes. It's exhausting to act happy. I'm not a good actress- I learned that in high school. I have a hard time convincing myself that my life is a happy one. I find so much to gripe about, and so much to bring me down. I think I need to spend more time looking for the good. More time finding ways to be independent and not let others actions bring me down. In Relief Society today Christina made a comment how it seems that a group of church members may appear to look/act the same (ex: the Apostles, etc.) and the reason may appear that they/we are trying to be each other. But the real reason is because they're all striving to be like Jesus Christ. I find myself wondering that if I acted like so-and-so that maybe I'll be happier. Or, why can't I be nice like Kim. People won't be scared of me and think I'm a jerk. That maybe I'll find this amazing guy and life will suddenly become easier. But I've got the wrong goal. I'm shooting for something that won't work for me. I need to find the best ME, the me that is becoming more like Jesus Christ. That way, I will find happiness in getting to know myself. That it won't matter if there isn't an Anne Fan Club 1,000 members strong. I will be ok just being me. That I will find out that I am worthy of carrying Christ's name along with mine. Right now I don't feel it. Right now I feel like a whiny teenager who can't keep it together. And even typing that I feel pathetic.

Please do not take this post the wrong way. Don't feel pressured to comment nice things to make me feel better. I just feel the need to say that I'm going to have a goal this year. In 2009 I will become a better person. I will get my act in gear and try to better myself. Life is not about just having fun. I can have fun, but I will work that into the important stuff. Because the fun stuff will feel more fun when I'm not feeling guilty for shirking my responsibilities.

I will:
Find a job.
Research schools and figure out which one is right for me.
Read my scriptures and pray daily and my patriarchal blessing often.
Read good books, which include not just the fun fantasy ones, but ones that make me grow and learn (church books, informational books, self-help, music books, etc.).
Learn more songs on my ukulele and practice them, as well as try to pick up more theory.
Build up my friends, and make new ones.
Learn to be more independent, and not a burden to others.
Dance everywhere possible.

I am determined to make this a good year.