Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy Pet Names

One of the many things I waste time thinking about are hilarious pet names. You know, the kind of name that makes people laugh. Or actually probably just make them wonder why you drank Windex for breakfast instead of a sensible bowl of cereal. Consider the following:

We had two cats growing up, Mickey and Minnie. They were siblings. Oh, the hilarity. Cats named after mice?!?! Hilarious, I tell you.

I only have a picture of Mickey because Minnie "ran away" years earlier. Mickey died a couple of years ago. I never knew I could miss one animal so much, but I do.

I also like the really-long-and-fussy-sounding-last-name for a name. Like Worthington. Or McGregor. You get the idea.

You may consider naming your pet after food. May I draw your attention to my friend's goldendoodle, Waffle.

She's famous. Watch this video of her as a puppy and try not to say "Aw".

You might try "V8", "Pasta Primavera", or the ubiquitous "Oreo" (although, imo, that one may be a bit overused. Your call, though). The name could correlate with their coloring... or not! Zing! You've now become clever.

For more pictures of pets check out Hello Giggles. I do appreciate that they include the pet's name.

If any of you are so inclined, send me pictures of your pet(s)! I really miss having one and love having many foster pets.