Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is from Melissa's facebook.

Just thought it was funny:

"One time a spider appeared on Anne's knee...she screamed so loud, and it struck immediate fear into my heart and Lily's too and we both screamed back. Then the spider disappeared and Anne spent the next ten minutes looking for it, curling her toes and moving around gingerly. 'I wish I could just see it...then I could find it and kill it.' Lily said, 'What my guess is, is that it ran under the chair and over to the bookcase, cuz that's the quietest part of the room.' And then Adam said, 'He's probably just laughing at you and watching you.' And Mom said, 'His name is Floyd.' "

Pretty much describes my life. And crazy family. :P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am an Oscar-winning actress!!!

Well, kinda. Last night our ward had a Film Festival and showcased some movies that we all had been making. The movie that I participated in, Fast Sunday, won Best Picture!! Which means that the majority of the people who watched all the films voted us as their fave. :)

Here's a link to the video. Make sure to notice the girl who drops her books (me) and the girl who rambles during Sunday School (Melissa).

Fast Sunday

Sorry, I fixed the link now. a duh...... :-P