Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby love, mah baby love

You ever get that feeling, for a split second, that you're happy? And everything really is going to be ok? I don't get it often, especially with the crazy stage of life I'm in. Not complaining, it's just kinda insane, every day, wondering where you will live in a few weeks. If you're going to get a job. Etc.

Well... holding my nephew Greggy does that for me. Totally corny but I feel like when I'm holding him that I'm closer to heaven; holding an angel. When he squeaks or breathes in funny, or decides to change position of his head, revealing the sweaty side, or when he toots and I say, "Good toot, Greggy!!" or when he looks at me cross-eyed, I love him. I am so stoked for Lily and Adam because they're stinking spoiled. Well they won't be when I'm around!! Muahahahaa. I'm a baby stealer. Stealin' babies. That's what I do. :D

Here's a picture of him if you haven't already seen it. My cousin Janelle took about a billion one day at a photo shoot she created and oh man, is he cute.


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Catherine said...

Yeah, that baby....he's something else...I'd like to steal him too! I'll have to fight ya for him, won't I??!! Seriously though, I know what you mean about holding a baby - they do the same thing to me! Love ya!!