Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lily tagged me... I guess that means I had to fill this out? Sigh... if you want, just watch the random video.

I am - usually first in line at Break the Fast.
I want - a bigger hard drive. That's what I get for having such a wide range of music.
I hear - music in my head, all the time.
I never - want to see another spider again!
I wonder - where to go to school.
I always - close the toilet lid.
I usually - drive home replaying conversations that happened that day in my head, laughing out loud at things I remember.
I search - for pictures on google all the time.
I am not - a rock climber.
I dance - all the time... is that even a question?? :)
I sing - , but not with confidence. I'm really best in a choir.
I wish - for a pony, and a barbie, and nail polish, and polly pocket and shoes and, and, and...
I dislike - feeling left out. I'm working on that.
I rarely - don't answer calls on my phone.
I cry - during sad parts in movies, sad songs, when I'm sad, ok really I cry often. But hopefully not too much... haha!
I am not always - on time. Ok, rarely.
I lose - when I play online games. All the stinking time!!!!
I fear - the dark of the night. No, not really, I just already used spiders in this thing...
I'm confused - when people spell my name wrong. It's not that hard!
I need - music. More than anything else, really.
I should - do my laundry more often.
I dream - situations and emotions. Sometimes very strong emotions that are hard to shake when I wake up. Very strange.
I have - almost 70 pairs of shoes.
I love - a heck of a lot of things- shopping, the sky, good smells, good conversations, walking, learning new things, my comfy bed, a new color a day, feeling understood, cats, and soft fabrics. To name a few.
I tag - um... Janelle, Christa, and Ruth.

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Lily Eggleston said...

dis awesome. I love it.