Monday, January 19, 2009

Family is great, huh?

Tonight I went over to my parents house to watch family videos. It was really fun seeing ones I either have never seen or haven't seen in a long time. With my horrible memory, who can tell? As we laughed at our silly antics we did in getting attention from the lens, it brought me to a conclusion. These past couple of months have been fun. I feel like I've been getting to know my family in a way that wasn't possible when I lived with them. Does that make any sense? But what I've been able to feel is a great appreciation for everything they have and continue to do for me. My mom was willing (more than once, although I only took her up on it once) to come over to my apartment and hold me hostage, I mean sit with me until I worked on my resume a good amount. You see, I happen to have a very strong procrastination habit, and I was putting off my resume for far too long. Mom came over, and helped me write grammatically correct sentences and generally make it good enough to send out. Then Dad brought dinner over and we had a fun dinner over here. They really help me so much with everything I need to do and I'm very grateful for them.

They also set great examples of strong church members, good money managers, and how to basically be good people. I'm grateful that the Lord sent me to such an amazing family. I'm spoiled and for most of my life I didn't appreciate it as much as I should. I always knew they were great, because I'd hear it all the time when people would hear my last name, but I'm starting to learn just how hard they work to do things right.

My sisters are also a great strength to me. Lily, and now Adam, are hilarious and I really love when they come visit and force/beg/coerce me to come see them. They use some reason like I'm entertaining, which we all know is absolute hogwash. :P But seriously, folks- they're great and I'm glad that we have such fun together. Melissa is hilarious. She's upstaged me in every way in the Ward, but who could prevent that from happening? Her songs are funny and great (but not the one that has that word that is annoying... grr....) and she makes everyone laugh. One day, maybe, If she tries reeeeeeeaaaally hard, maybe she'll learn how to dance. Haha! That's pretty much the only thing I do better than her.

Laura and Danny are great and I wish I could see them more! I love my neices and nephew and wish I could see all of them more often. They're such good kids and make us laugh so much. Christmas Day was fun having Laura and the girls come to exchange presents before we all went to POG. We didn't get to see Danny yet- his truck broke down and he couldn't make it. :(

I feel like maybe some people will feel like I'm writing a post for "Seriously, So Blessed" but I felt the need to tell the internet world that I appreciate my family. I appreciate the fact that as we've grown up, maybe we've gotten less cute (my case, for sure), but we've become better friends and we can be each other's strong point.


Laura said...

yay! I love your family too. And you too!!

Sean and Janelle said...

your family is great. I know what you mean when you say you get a long better with them once you've moved out. It was the same way with me. I appreciate my family a whole lot more too.

Lily Eggleston said...

Anne dirro you not less cute! And I love to coerce you over! That was really fun last night.

Catherine said...

I LOVED reading this. And the picture is ADORABLE. You grew up so fast, girl!!