Friday, May 1, 2009

Crazy Dreams

So I just thought it would be funny to record some of the dreams I can remember. Since I have no job at the moment, I have some pretty crazy sleep patterns, which means I can remember some dreams. Usually I have to fall back asleep in the morning to remember them when I wake up again.

Here are some I can remember:

  • Melissa got engaged, but wouldn't tell me to whom. I was really mad and tried to get her to tell me who it was. [fun fact: I texted her about this and she said something. But now I can't find the text which means I deleted it... maybe I'll ask her and see if she remembers. Anyway it was funny, I promise.]
  • Liz Pulido and Trey Glauser got married. [Liz said "Hahahha! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!" haha, I love Liz. :) ]
  • Pretty frequently I have bad dreams with gross toilets filled with number two and blood. Please don't try to analyze that too much. It grosses and stresses me out, those dreams.
  • Oh I had a dream about a guy I dated asking me to marry him, and I was dumb enough to tell him about it in real life. Note to self: scares guys away. As if I have control of my dreams... Ok then, moving on.
  • Oh a guy had a dream that I was killed by the German Navy, and he cried. In the dream, not real life.
  • This one was especially stressful/sad/etc: for some weird reason that made perfect sense at the time of my dream, I had to marry my dad. My mom had to separate from him and it was really sad. In the dream I said, "No, Mom, I won't go through with it. It's ok. You can stay with him" or something. Very weird. That same dream a guy I was dating broke up with me and was seeing Jessica Hawkins, who is married, and was saying to her, "Anne's just not over me". [I don't know why, but I frequently have really sad dreams. This one I woke up crying pretty intensely- Rachael came into my room and comforted me. She's awesome.]
  • I had to start a new highschool [this dream was really recent] and I had the hardest time frinding the classrooms. The building looked kinda like a church building inside, like the ways the hallways looked and stuff. Melissa also was there. [I think it probably has something to do with my applying to colleges and stuff; I'm nervous about how that will go.]


Laura said...

Wow I have crazy dreams too. Sometimes they're funny and sometimes they stress me out too! It can ruin my whole day if I wake up in the morning from a bad one.

Catherine said...

When you get to be my age, you'll be tired when your head hits the pillow, you'll NEVER remember your dreams! Can't remember ONE in years!