Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, I'm really sunburned.

The backs of my legs are pretty bad. It's awesome how I can't sit, haha!

Let me start at the beginning. Today my ward played a Powder Puff football game against the Tustin and Irvine Ranch branches. Then we had a BBQ and pool party! I totally put sunscreen on, but I guess not enough because I'm red on my shoulders, legs, and face. Pretty bad.

Oh well!

But can I tell you how fun it was today? I jumped off the high-dive at the pool- ONE WHOLE TIME! :) There was a shorter diving board and I jumped off that too- I'm so very adventurous. And I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and met some new ones!

Very good day. When I get them emailed to me (hopefully), I'll post some pictures of me doing cartwheels on the grass with a guy I met. That was awesome.


Lily Ashbrook said...

Anne dirro. Sometimes I get burned too. Aloe plant.

Pointy Toes said...

I know. I have lotion that has aloe in it. I think it works better because the skin gets so dry, a when you combine lotion and aloe it's awesomeness.