Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I ate the largest hot dog ever tonight....

At tha Angels game. Rachael Lowe knows how to find the best ones!

Huge, right?? I should have included more in the frame so you could have something to reference it to. But just be satisfied knowing that this thing is enormous.

I never really pay attention to the actual game when I go, and tonight was no exception. I think they lost... I go to have fun with my friends. And, boy did I ever.

Oh!! I almost forgot!! I saw Allison Smith and her family there- she said she moved back! I am so beyond excited! She's got to be one of my favorite people. Her kids are adorable, and her husband Charlie is great, too! So I'm excited I told her I want to babysit her kids sometime. The only problem will be finding a time when I can.

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Allison said...

you're a bloggin' babe now!!!! so good to see you too!