Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some rules of mine.

1. "weird is good."
My older sister used to say this in defense when I would call her weird when we were younger, when I was trying to use weird as an insult. I have realized over the years that I am completely weird, I love the weird, and that weird really is good. I don't really fit into anyone's stereotype, and I stinking love that about myself. Weird is good.
Weird Al is so sexy.

2. I really don't have enough shoes.
My dad will sigh at that one.

3. Do what you say you're gonna do.
I like to break the "young adults are flakes" stereotype and KEEP COMMITMENTS. Except if I fall asleep, in which case I am eternally sorry.

4. Keep learning.
I really adore learning. Anything. I love that at my new job I learn a ton, and my boss knows that and tries to explain why everything is done the way it is. I pick guys to date that I can learn something from. Like good grammar. (j/k- did you notice that last sentence? Someone needs to set me up with an English teacher.) I love asking questions and figuring out the "why." I'm four years old, apparently.

5. Try it yourself!
People often look at what I wearing/doing/trying to do but not really working it, and say, "I could never  pull that off/do that/have the guts to completely bomb at that like you are." To them I say: YEAH-HUH! The only reason I'm wearing this was because I put it on. I tried it, and I practiced in some cases, and that's how. Just try.
Refer to rule #1.

6. Be happy.
It's my choice. Take responsibility for your mood. My dad taught me this one.
Young Anne: (lamenting) Ugh you're making me so MAD/sad/frustrated, etc.
Wise father: I can't make you feel anything.
Young Anne: UGH.
I get it now. Within reason, I choose my mood. People ask me why I'm happy all the time, and I say it's because I like to be. It doesn't hurt that I'm also kinda awesome. *shrug*
Having adorable nieces and nephews helps.


Lily Eggleston said...

Nice list! I love it! What inspired you to write this?

Marie said...

Yeah, groovy, man.

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