Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weirdest dream ever

I just had the weirdest dream. Of course it started that I was somewhere and I had to use the bathroom really bad, and it was near impossible to find one. I have those dreams a lot, where either the door is ridiculously short, or the toilet's filled with poo, or something. Terrible.

But then! Then randomly I was getting married the next day, and had gotten engaged only a couple days earlier. Even in the dream I knew it was crazy, that I shouldn't be rushing it but for some reason, I was like, "meh, who cares, it'll be fun" so I had to get the reception room ready, but it wasn't a church. Somehow I had found a nice place to have the reception, like a hotel or something. But then! There was a party happening that night so we had to take down all of the decorations.

I'm trying to remember who the guy was. In my dream it felt kinda fake, like maybe this was some joke we decided at the last minute to make happen for real. Weird. And I remember that I had a fake enagement ring and I think I had left it by the sink in the bathroom, but didn't really feel bad about it, even though I was sure someone would steal it.

Then! As I was still getting ready, I was walking toward the lobby of whatever place this was, and who should come walking through the lobby in jeans and a leather jacket but Conan O'Brien! I run to hug him but he had stuck out his hand to shake mine instead so that was awkward. I am a huge fan of Conan, so I was gushing and frantically trying to find some paper and a pen for an autograph. There was a huge line forming behind him for autographs. I knew I had to hurry or I'd lose my chance. Then I found a pen but it fell apart in my hand and I had to put it together, only to realize I had lost a piece of the pen, so when he tried to use it it didn't work and he looked at me like, "sigh... seriously?" And make some joke. Which I of course laughed at because it was so funny. While I feverously tried to fix the pen my dad was there and Conan looked at him like he knew him. Conan made a couple of jokes which happened to be the same kind of jokes my dad makes so my dad laughs. I'd like to add that Conan also did the "for...evvvvvverrrrr" thing from "The Sandlot" and I thought it was funny, but not really Conan's caliber of jokes. Which makes sense because Conan only had my imagination to come up with jokes, and let's face it...

And then! I was going to be on his show that night dressed up as a horse that had to be put in jail. I did my best to remember the acting (ha! Acting.) that I learned in high school and make him proud but I remember feeling like I was being overdramatic. Then I told Conan I was getting married the next day and he looked at me as if to think, "hey you should get married on this show," but then he realized that since I'm LDS that wouldn't work since I need to be married in the temple. So I said "but we could have a ring ceremony or something" but he said no. So we went about the sketch I was doing, which incidentally was a on different stage than he shoots on. He had said we'd move into his regular stage later. There were people running around getting striped clothes for me (small stripes so I wouldn't look fat, of course. Random!) and then my fiance shows up. He comes to visit me in "jail" and I stroke his cheek and he looks very much like that guy who plays Rachel McAdams' boyfriend in "The Hot Chick" which I had just watched the other night. I can't remember his name. He proceeds to tell me that he was with another girl and that she would have a part in our marriage. For some sickening reason, I agree that's ok because he's so good looking.  [I'd like to interject here, and say that's ridiculous. No man of mine will ever be allowed to have a girl on the side. I'm sure you all know that, but in case someone is worried I'm that stupid/low self esteem, then don't worry.]

So! We do my bit and then we watched Conan's monologue and I think that's when I woke up.

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