Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lord hath need of him

I am reading my mom's Easter binder. She has the scriptures that tell us what Christ did during his last week on the earth and it starts with Palm Sunday, which was yesterday. I'm a day behind, as you can tell, but that's ok.

Just so you know where I'm reading, I'll tell you:
Matt. 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:29-44, and John 12:12-19 all tell about the journey into Jerusalem and Bethany, and when the people wave palm fronds and greet Christ with hosannas. I love this day, even though it's sad since Jesus knows how close the time is when he will have to sacrifice himself for us. 

Christ tells two of his apostles to go into the city and they will find a colt for him that has never carried a man. He tells them that when the owners ask why they are untying (and essentially taking) the donkey, to tell them that the Lord had need of it.  That phrase means so much to me. Its really not a gigantic event, because I feel it happens so quiety in the scriptures. But it is one of many examples of how utterly perfect Jesus was and is, that he knows how to obtain the colt, whom to go to, what to say, and who can help him. The fact that he lets people help him is significant in its own. Christ is the only person who doesn't need help, but he knows he needs to give others the chance to serve him. And he has commanded us to follow and serve him. He could accomplish everything he needs to by himself, because he is perfectly capable of doing it all alone, but he allows us to serve him because we need it. There is no pride on his part, nothing he has to swallow in order to accept our meager offerings. He doesn't look at us as charity cases, either. Its not like he says "ok, I guess you can handle this one thing. But don't screw up, ok? Are you going to be ok with this?" He lovingly gives us what we need by making us grow. Making us go through just about the hardest trials we can take, but never more than we can take, because he will never do that. So even though I feel ridiculously overwhelmed sometimes (read: always), its never more than I can handle.

Sometimes I do feel like a donkey. But as long as the Lord has need of this donkey, I will try my best to do what he wants me to do.


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