Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pictures from our Ward Christmas Party

These are on Facebook and I thought they were hilarious:

We're doing the Studio portrait "dumb hand placement" thingy here...

And apparently here I have a VERY large mouth. heehee!

Aren't we so cute?

That night we did a puppet show version of a Flight of the Conchords song, called "Something Special for the Ladies". Julie edited it down to be just a minute in case people got bored, but it turns out everyone loved it! Well everyone who knows who Flight of the Conchords are, of course. It was a smashing success. The puppets that Julie made were sooo cool and I held up the props. Rachael's hand cramped towards the end, but she pushed through and finshed the song. very gallant of you, Rachael. :)

I'll ask Julie to take some pics of the puppets- you really need to see them close up. There's also a video out there of our song- I'll see if I can find a version to post on here.


Joshua and Laura Dalton said...

fun! I love your opening picture. Merry Christmas!!!!

Lily Eggleston said...

oh annnnnnne dirrrro. this is fun! I love it.