Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So who else, besides me, feels bad for the old man that bumped his head?

Tonight (technically yesterday- I'm up late) me and some friends went to the LA car show. Saw some cool cars. But that's not what was so cool- Rachael said she wanted to wear her rain boots, and of course I wanted to, too!! So we walked around the show for the 2 or so hours we were there, and my feet hurt like crazy because apparently wearing thick rubber boots for that long will do that to you. But it was worth it...


So awesome. I splashed and splashed... It's still pouring, as I write this, at 2:54 AM.

The funny thing is, Rachael didn't wear socks under her boots, and when we came home and tried to take ours off, mine were relatively easy to pull off, but Julie and I both pulled so hard to get Rachael's boots to come off, we ended up dragging her clear across the floor! MAN those suckers DID NOT want to come off!!! Whoooo!! We laughed so hard that we worked off all the calories we ingested at Roscoe's (side note: I've never been there before and it's the bomb diggity. Soooo good! Their waffles are really good, and you pair them with good fried chicken and you create a meal that should never be eaten by a girl trying to watch her girlish figure. Well, at least I'm content with watching mine leave... ha!).

Anyway tonight was a pretty exciting night.

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